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Create and manage 10 tickets

Get to know the advantages of the 10 cards!

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Get to know the advantages of the 10 cards!

Often we are asked by our customers from Sport & Wellness which possibility there is to manage the sale of so-called 10er cards. The customer buys a 10er card when booking the 1st date, which he uses as a payment method when booking the next 9 dates. Prerequisite for this is the creation of a price level for 10 dates within the respective experience.

1. Activate the module

Before you can get started, you must first activate the "Flexible Tickets" module under Settings > Modules with just one click:

2. Set up flexible offers

In order to be able to determine your 10 card offer, a flexible offer must be created beforehand. This is done under Experiences > Flexible Offers. There you can directly create flexible offers for your experiences. Just click on the button "+ New flexible offer" and name it. You can find out how to create a flexible offer in the detailed article here.

3. Set up 10 cards

Under Experiences > Flexible offers you can now select your created experience. Give your offer a name (e.g. 10er Ticket). Then select the number of admissions and enter an individual special price.
Here is a tutorial:

In addition, you can set the availability of the card individually at A.
Anyway you can set the redemption period at B. You can optionally add a comment for this.

4. Manage 10 cards

The process is as follows:

  1. The end customer books a 10 card.

  2. The customer receives a (product) voucher, which can be used for every appointment booking.

  3. As the provider, you will be informed about the new booking of the end customer by e-mail and create a value voucher worth 10 appointments under Orders > Vouchers.

  4. Example: The price for a 10er card is 250€ (25€ per date). 1 card for the 1st date was already cancelled at booking, so you have to be able to pay 9 more dates (=225€) with the voucher you created.

  5. The customer books all subsequent dates online and pays directly with the voucher code created by you. With each booking the amount for the treatment is subtracted from the voucher value of the 10er card, until after 9 dates no more redemption of the voucher code is possible because the voucher value is 0€.

Meaning: The customer has paid the 10er card with the 1. date and can book comfortably all further 9 dates on-line. You don't have to pay attention if someone exceeds his quota, because booked dates require a payment with the voucher code generated by you.

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