Voucher Configuration

How to customize your voucher design.

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With our voucher configuration tool you can choose from many different designs, also for a particular occasion like holiday seasons.

Pick a voucher design

  • You can choose from up to 15 different designs

  • For the main holiday seasons, we make appropriate voucher designs available in bookingkit. Simply log in to your bookingkit account and look for the Voucher Configurator section under Customization.

  • You can pick an individual voucher design for each of your events (A). Simply select one of the templates and your customers will have an attractive, individual voucher available to them (B).

  • Every voucher contains your own business logo, the value of the voucher, a link to your Homepage and your voucher code.

How to use your own voucher design

  • Choose the category Custom

  • Click on the plus-button

  • Upload the image and adjust it

  • Afterwards, that design will be available in your voucher configuration.

How does the process look like for my customers?

  • Your customers will receive your voucher by email as usual as a printable PDF

  • As well as the design, we have optimised the voucher to make it ideal for printing out. This is why your customers will receive two PDF files: one which is correctly sized and can be printed out with the correct printer settings, and a version which can be cropped.

  • Please also ensure that the layout which you choose for your voucher is valid globally for all Experiences and for the generic voucher, i.e. all your vouchers.

  • To provide a customer-friendly solution your customers can choose the design themselves when they have completed their order.

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