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Flexible duration of experience
Flexible duration of experience

This module allows you to set up various experience durations in just one experience.

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If, for instance, you run a Jump House, offer rentals or courses generally of different lengths, your customers can now choose and book the relevant length of course directly in the experience. 

Activate Flexible duration of experience

Under Settings > Module activate “More than one experience duration”.

Add different durations to your experience

Under experiences, click on “Edit” for the desired experience. In “Duration of event” you can now easily create one or more additional experience durations: 

Create a new appointment for each duration

As soon as you input various experience durations, you have to create a new appointment for each duration, so that your customers can book directly online.

Resource management

After you have added several experience durations and dates, you have to link your experience via Resource management. If you have not already done so, create a Resource for this and link in the next step for the respective experiences. Ensure that the various durations are displayed to you as a single experience in Resource management.

If your experience does not require a Quota and you can sell any number of tickets (with respective different durations), you will not, of course, need Resource management. 

Frontend view

Your customers can now book various different times in just one experience. After they have chosen a date, they can make a corresponding selection and then decide on a time. Nothing has changed in the ordering and payment process - but see for yourself:

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