bookingkit makes it easy for you to set up special offers for your customers and thus boost your sales and capacity utilisation. You can find out exactly how this works here:

1. Flexible tickets & offers

You are probably wondering what this means! Don't worry, it's very simple. You just have to configure a "flexible offer" in your bookingkit backend and this will allow your customers to book it directly online as a "flexible ticket".

After a successful booking, your customers will receive a voucher which they can redeem for the corresponding experience. The frequency with which the voucher can be redeemed is defined in advance in your offer - more information on how to do this is given below.

Please note that:

  • the voucher - unlike the value voucher - is subject to VAT, as it is a voucher for a specific product.

  • with bookingkit you can sell flexible offers, as well as vouchers, additional products and experiences. Click here to know the main differences.

2. Activate the module

Before you can get started, you must activate the corresponding module "Flexible Tickets" under Settings > Modules:

3. Set up flexible offers

Under Experiences > Flexible Offers you can directly create flexible offers for your experiences. Just click on the button "+ New flexible offer" and choose the

experience you want:

Then, you can name and set up your offer. You can specify the number of entries and also set the price levels for which the ticket is valid.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to limit the availability, e.g. regarding the booking or performance period. 

By the way: Under Experiences you can also directly create a flexible offer for the respective experience by clicking the corresponding button

4. View in the backend

Under Settings > Flexible offers you can view and manage your created offers at any time.

5. Frontend view

Your offers are displayed in several places in your widget in a clear and concise way so that your customers can see it, and that your sales automatically increase. Your offers are displayed both in the detailed view of your experiences and in the experience lists: on one hand as a concise button, but also as separate offers directly under your experiences. Please, see for yourself:

Detailed experience view

List of experiences

By the way:

  • In the order confirmation, your end customers can comfortably redeem their purchased product voucher directly. After clicking on 'Book date', your customer can choose a date and book directly. The voucher is automatically deducted and the customer is also shown how many times the voucher can still be redeemed:

  • Your customers will receive their flexible ticket as an attachment in their confirmation mail and can of course download it in the service overview. The voucher code (with which your customers can book themselves into the respective experience), the name of the person booking as well as your offer description will of course be displayed on the ticket:

6. Worth knowing & practical tips

To bring your offer even better to the man, it is directly displayed how often and how long the offer is still bookable:

The feature can be used for any industry - no matter if you are a fitness provider and want to display monthly tickets, offer 10 tickets in the rental business or simply market a time-limited special offer as an escape room.
To get even more out of your offer it is also recommended to market other local experiences of other bookingkit providers in your area and earn an additional 7% commission per order. Exciting, isn't it? Find out more here!


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