From time to time we receive enquiries that PayPal would not work. Often these problems can be solved with a few steps. So if you have problems linking your PayPal account to bookingkit, please check the following points:

  1. Please check if PayPal has been activated correctly and you have assigned all rights correctly. In our guide we have summarized all necessary steps for you once again.

  2. Please check that your PayPal email address is correctly stored in your bookingkit account! You can check this directly in bookingkit under "Settings" -> "Payment options".

  3. Please also make sure that no typing or spelling errors have crept in.

  4. Please also check that there are no spaces in front or behind your mail address, both in bookingkit and in PayPal, which have been accidentally copied and pasted.

  5. Finally, we ask you to take one last look at our guide and check step by step that you have activated PayPal correctly.

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