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bookingkit app for iOS and Android
The bookingkit App for experience providers
The bookingkit App for experience providers

Your mobile office.

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Perhaps you are out and about, but you would naturally still like to keep an eye on your business? It doesn’t matter whether you are on the beach, on a bus or just at home - with our bookingkit app you can keep up-to-date at all times and conveniently manage your daily business from your mobile device!

Information how to use bookingkit app for experience providers:

Where can I download the bookingkit App?

The bookingkit App is compatible with Android and Apple and you can download it yourself free-of-charge in your Google Play or Apple App Store!

How does the App work?

With our app you have full access to your bookingkit account. You have fully unrestricted access to your account and can manage your business as normal - whether you’re in your car, on the beach or just out and about. The best thing about our app: it is specially adapted to your device and will have an optimum display. 


First log in to the bookingkit app with your email address and password. No worries - your login data will be stored and you won’t have to enter them tediously every time. If you have forgotten your password, simply press the corresponding button.

Whether you want to validate tickets, need to book guests in quickly or just want to use bookingkit as normal. None of this is a problem with our mobile app


Checking your guests in is child’s play using the ticket scanner. In your bookingkit app menu simply call up “Check-in” and hold the QR or barcode on the ticket in front of your camera lens.

Add booking

Of course you can also add a new order really easily in your bookingkit app. Practical help: perhaps a dozen people are standing in front of you and they all want to pay on site in cash and have to be booked in quickly?

No problem at all! The next available dates will always be displayed as standard, so you only have to select these and book customers into the relevant Experience. In this case any details such as name, email address etc. are optional. 

Of course under “Select date” you can also select any date in the future at any time, and book this in as normal.


Under “Account” you have access to the bookingkit backend as usual - the full range of all our functions are available to you there. You can create new Experiences, advertise local Experiences or manage your reviews(1).

In the Navigation bar (2) at the top you can move about between your Accounts - if you have several bookingkit accounts, of course.

If you click on the arrow on the right-hand side (3), the field will open in which you can add manual bookings and also find all the links to related Help articles.

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