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My customers cannot redeem their vouchers!
My customers cannot redeem their vouchers!

Here are some of the reasons why a coupon or voucher code is rejected by the system.

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Here is a list of some of the most common causes, including explanations:

  • Wrong code: Please make sure that voucher code was entered correctly. Pay attention to possible special characters and keep in mind that voucher codes are case-sensitive.

  • Validity: Please check whether the voucher code is still valid. You can easily use the search function in the top right corner at to check the validity.

  • Paying a voucher with a voucher: It is not possible to redeem a gift voucher or promotional voucher to purchase a voucher. The reason is simple: Suppose a customer could purchase a value voucher using a promotional voucher, then they could double the discount of the promotional voucher code by using it in combination with the value voucher to book an appointment. One could also simply extend the validity of their soon-to-expire voucher code by purchasing a new voucher code if it wad possible to purchase a voucher with already acquired one.

  • Use of several promotional voucher codes in one order: Please note that promotional vouchers cannot be stacked. Only one promotional voucher code can be used per booking.

  • Voucher codes not imported: If case you have sold vouchers outside of bookingkit, make sure to get them uploaded into your bookinkit account in time.

  • Single-use: Please note that value vouchers can only be redeemed once!

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