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bookingkit NEXT

Discover what is bookingkit NEXT and its benefits

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What is bookingkit NEXT?

  • bookingkit NEXT is our next generation platform to make your everyday work much faster and highly efficient – and it will become the default application on the 15th of June 2024. Just use to log in with your existing credentials and find all your bookings and offers in a great new environment.

In technical terms: bookingkit NEXT is using its own design system, and new technology like a new version of the API and single page application (SPA).

Main benefits:

  • Smart workflows: we have optimized the navigation patterns, so getting where you need to go takes less clicks.

  • Super fast search: we’ve been working on a new indexing engine that allow us to provide you with fast search results.

  • Power Shortcuts: Use your keyboard to trigger actions, trigger the application search by doing ctrl + f or cmd + f. Head to the power shortcuts screen to find out more…

  • Do you have more than one account? Try our new account switch.

  • Mobile responsive screens: Stripe wallet and payment options (for now).

  • Performance: bookingkit NEXT will noticeably be faster than bookingkit classic eu5.

  • Please note: labels from the day view are not visible and notes are not available from the right hand side menu.

What’s the plan for bookingkit NEXT?

bookingkit NEXT started with the new design system, if you are already using Stripe, you can see that the Stripe wallet and the Stripe payment methods screen that are powered by the new design system and API.

With the Beta launch of bookingkit NEXT application, the navigation and the shell around it is benefiting from this technology.

The same technology, is also powering the new calendar only available in the bookingkit NEXT interface.

bookingkit NEXT will become the default application in June 2024.

Why can’t I see the yellow sticky notes?

With the change to the new design, the right hand side menu from the old application can’t be embedded, and since the sticky notes are not a feature part of our core value proposition, they will not be available in bookingkit NEXT.

Why can’t I see the filter to labels?

The day view filters are impacted by the limitations of the right hand side menu visibility, however, we’re working on a new calendar that will merge monthly and day view and will allow advanced filtering options (like labels).

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