Perhaps you work outdoors, offer tours or simply need a general summary of your participants for a particular day? No worries! You can download a list of all participants of a specific experience or for the entire day directly in your bookingkit account.

Where do I go looking for it?

Simply log in to your bookingkit account and open the respective day or experience. Then click the blue @Checklist button. The list of participants will be downloaded as a .pdf file. Here is a short video tutorial demontrating the feature:

You can also do the same for the whole day, rather than individual experiences. Simply go to the respective day and click on the blue @Checklist for the day button at the top:

What does the list of participants look like and what information does it contain?

A lot of information is to be found on the participants' list, for instance, ticket codes, names of participants (provided Advanced Participant Entry feature has been activated) or the payment status of each booking. The list also contains information about the experience itself, such as starting time or venue.

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