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Minimum number of participants
Minimum number of participants

Set up a minimum number of participants for your experiences.

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If you require a certain number of people for your event to take place, you can specify the number of participants in bookingkit.

  • Enable the minimum number of participants in your bookingkit account under Settings -> Modules:

  • You can customize this module for each event. To do so, simply go to Events -> Event by type in your bookingkit account and edit the corresponding event.

  • Do you want to specify a minimum number of participants but still want the event to take place even if there aren't enough participants? No problem! When editing the respective event, you can also set this with just one click:

Please note that this setting applies not per date but always to the entire shopping cart or order. A minimum number of 3 participants means that an order with fewer participants cannot be successfully completed.

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