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Extended Quota Management
Extended Quota Management

You can change the number of available spots for individual appointments in you calendar and/or for each of your marketing partners

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Extended Availability Management module makes it possible for you to adjust the maximum number of participants for a single appointment rather than for the entire experience. Once it is activated, you can also set quotas for the number of tickets your marketing partners (GetYourGuide for example) can sell. Keep readin this guide to learn how to gain full control of your available tickets.

Important note:

The option to increase or decrease the maximum number of participants per appointment only works for appointments whose start time is not yet in the past.

Example: An appointment with a start time in the morning at 10 am can no longer be increased or decreased from 10:01 am.

Activation of the module

In not already done, please activate the Extended Availability Management module under Settings -> Modules

Managing availability for an individual date

If you wish to change the number of available spots in an individual appointment (say due to the fact that less or more equipment is available that day), then simply open the appointment in your bookingkit calendar and decrease/increase the number of available spots by clicking on the minus/plus sign.

Please note that pressing and holding those buttons will change availability accordingly for as long as you hold.

Key difference between setting the maximum number of participants to 0 and "Clear day":

  • Reducing the maximum number of participants to 0: This specific appointment will be impossible to book, e.g. due to short-notice changes or sickness.

  • "Clear day" function: By pressing this button you will delete ALL appointments planned for this day.

Marketing partner quotas

You can choose how many tickets for a specific appointment shall be sold by each of your marketing partners as well in case you change the overall availability. Simply open that appointment and scroll down to the "Quotas" section. Let’s look at the example of a course that has a total of 20 spots: you may want to allow one of your partners, e.g. GetYourGuide, sell a total of 10 of all available spots. Please note that this change applies to this appointment only.

Setting quotas for all recurring events

You can also set Marketing Platforms quotas for all appointments of an experience. To do this, open the editing page of that experience, got to the "Participants" section and set the quotas accordingly.

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