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Management of on-site payments with SumUp
Management of on-site payments with SumUp

bookingkit and SumUp allow you to process on-site payments easily and hustle-free directly in your bookingkit account.

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Do you offer your customers on-site payments by card, smartphone and cash, or would you like to do so in the future? Then today is your lucky day, because with bookingkit and SumUp you can process these payments easily directly in your bookingkit account:

1. This is what you will need to get started

Don't worry, setting up a SumUp account in case you do not use it already is a piece of cake! In addition to a valid SumUp account, you also need a SumUp card reader to be able to accept card payments on site. If you don't have a bookingkit account yet, click here to book a demo!

You don't need much more than that to hit the ground running. If you have any further questions about SumUp, you are very likely to find answers here.

2. Activate SumUp

First activate the associated module under Settings -> Modules:

Then you will be redirected to SumUp, where you first have to log in and then configure the access rights between bookingkit and SumUp.

3. Manage payments with SumUp

  • Please note that in order to be able to use SumUp, you need a mobile device, e.g. a smartphone or a tablet. Simply open bookingkit in the browser of your respective mobile device.

  • It is important that the SumUp app is also installed on the mobile device you are working with!

  • End customers can now pay directly by card, smartphone or in cash. All payments are automatically processed and backed up with SumUp and bookingkit. As a result you have everything stored in one system. To add a payment, please click on the corresponding button "Add payment", specify the amount and finally click on 'Pay with SumUp':

  • Your customer merely has to tap his card or smartphone on the card terminal, depending on the payment method, and the order is paid for in no time. Alternatively, you can also pay directly in cash via SumUp.

  • In case you do not know how to do a payout from your SumUp account to you business bank account, check this page.

4. What about the costs?

In addition to the usual participant and booking fee, which you can see directly in your contract (under Account -> Contract), there is only a small percentage-based transaction fee on the part of SumUp and the one-time costs for the SumUp card terminal. Learn more about the costs here.

5. Worth to know

  • SumUp offers a variety of payment options: from all common credit and debit cards to payments via Google and Apple Pay! More about it here.

  • Super practical: the bookingkit order codes appear on the SumUp statements. By the same token, you can also generate the SumUp transaction codes in your bookingkit export. This way accounting is a piece of cake!

  • Please note that SumUp is currently available as a beta-version. That implies that we are still evaluating which other functionalities should be added in the future. This is also why the SumUp interface only works on mobile devices in the browser (and unfortunately not yet in the bookingkit app).

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