Here you can find all of the experiences for which you already have a contract and that you can book directly on bookingkit reach

When you click on book, you will see a recap of the activity and then be able to select a time slot and confirm your booking. You can take a look at the checkout process below:

Please note that if the experiences don't show up, it means you still didn't accept the contract. You can check contracts directly here or find more information in the section 3 of this article.

You can bookmark your most frequently booked experiences to have them straight away. In order to so, you just need to click on the heart on the bottom right of the experience and the experience will then appear in your bookmarks

Here you can have an overview of the companies you have as partners as well as the contracts you have with them. You can see the commission amount as well as the status of the contract and click on view to have more details about the contract itself or revoke it. Please note that the experiences won't show up as long as the contract Status is not active.

Here you can see all the orders you have made in bookingkit reach and have the possibility to modify them and download the ticket or the order confirmation.

You can also export the data and generate order collections for a selected time frame and/or product and download the overview within a second. This gives you the opportunity to slice and dice the data afterwards in your preferred table calculation software, like Excel for example. By doing so, you can get answers to questions like: How many bookings did I get last year? How much have I earned within the last month? And how does the one season compare to others? Our export function not just helps you to improve your accounting but also allows you to plan targeted marketing campaigns based on solid figures from the past.

Please also note that by clicking on "adjust fields" can you can customize the data fields shown in the orders table. The same fields will be included in the exports.

In settings you can do the below:

  • Edit your general information (the information you share with bookingkit)

  • Edit your marketplace profile (the information you share with your partners as well as how you are displayed on bookingkit reach).

  • Manage/add branches in case you have different offices/operations and want to have a joint profile but still differentiate them within bookingkit reach

  • Manage/add users of your bookingkit reach account or branch

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