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Control the experiences that show on your widgets
Control the experiences that show on your widgets
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In the past whenever you created a new experience it was automatically displayed in all widgets. Vendors that use a lot of different widgets were surprised by this and complained because they did not want certain experiences to show on all widgets.

Recently bookingkit has updated the logic and now allows the vendor to select on their widget settings when they want their new experiences to show on their specific widgets.

So the new logic is summarized as:

"When creating a new experience, it does NOT add it automatically to all widgets where you have not selected "Show all experiences” in that widget."

The new UI element allows you to select between Show “all experiences” and “Selected only".

  • When “All experience” is selected, new experiences will automatically show on this widget

  • When “All experience” is selected, all checkboxes are selected and hidden.

  • When "Selected Only" is selected, new experiences will not automatically show on this widget. You will need to go to the widget and add that experience to show.

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