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In order to measure the use of the website, display traffic channels and calculate conversion rates, Google Analytics uses cookies to identify users. Because cookies are only for individual domains for security reasons, this information is lost when accessing the bookingkit checkouts once "Book now" is clicked.
The booking process at bookingkit takes places on the domain

To use conversion tracking in Google Analytics, be sure to follow the information on data collection from multiple domains. More information on this can be found in the Google Analytics documentation: Tracking Multiple Domains – Web Tracking (ga.js)

Notes on data quality and analysis

Bookings and voucher sales
bookingkit provides the shopping cart value for conversion tracking that must be paid by the buyer after promotional vouchers and gift vouchers. This prevents voucher sales from being counted twice.

So, if a buyer purchases a voucher worth €100.00, this is reported as a conversion with TRANSACTION TOTAL = 100.00. When a voucher is used, conversion is also tracked, but with a value of TRANSACTION TOTAL = 0.00, since the payment is made with a voucher.

General notes on conversion tracking

In general, conversion tracking is done through a detour in the HTML code on the order confirmation page. This means that structurally, the reported conversions are below the actual transactions, both in terms of the number and sales.

The conversion code cannot be executed due to the following reasons, although a transaction successfully takes place:

  1. The buyer carries out the buying process but closes the browser window before the order confirmation page from bookingkit has finished loading.

  2. The buyer has a plugin/program for preventing or disabling tracking mechanisms.

  3. The buyer’s device does not meet technical requirements (e.g. JavaScript).

Generally, we observe deviations of 20% between actual transactions and the measured conversions.

You will find more information regarding the code in the conversion tracking here.

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