Once for viewing on your own website, and once for its presence on one of our prestigious partner platforms. These easy-to-understand guidelines explain how it all works.

How do I activate this module?

Under Settings > Module you can easily activate separate content on marketing platforms with just one click.

Create different content

In your bookingkit account under Experiences click on “Edit” in the respective Experience. After activating the module, the button “Edit content on the platform” will be displayed in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. 

After clicking on the button, you can create various contents on the right-hand side for your presence on our marketing partner’s sites. The content of the Experience is displayed on the left-hand side on your homepage.

You can change the title, description and highlights of your Experience. There is also an option to upload different photos for the marketers.

Something worth knowing

The reason this module could be important to you is that some marketing platforms do not permit references to other activity providers, such as ratings platforms or even yourself as a provider. Other platforms do not accept images or photos with captions. So from now on you no longer have to adapt your Experience specially to the marketer’s requirements, but can simply create separate content. A good idea, don’t you think?

And by the way: the separate content naturally only applies to full integration. For partially-integrated platforms, you of course create the Experience directly with the respective marketing partner, and availabilities and quotas are automatically synchronised via our interface.

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