Learn how to integrate bookingkit into your WebsiteBaker Source Content Management system. Don't have a bookingkit account yet? Book a demo now, no strings attached!

Before you begin: Would you like to make a few adjustements to the colour scheme of the widget before integrating it into your website? Learn how to do it here.

Step 1

Log in to your account at http://www.ihr-domain-name.de/admin.

Step 2

Go to Pages (A) and open the page you want to add bookingkit widget to (B). A new window will open.

Step 3

Click Source Code (A) and insert the two lines of HTML code generated by bookingkit into the field below. Click Save (right button under C) to save the changes and integrate bookingkit into your WebsiteBaker.

The HTML code is to found directly in your bookingkit account under Sell -> My Widgets:

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