Under the navigation point Statistics you can create an export in the desired period:
You can also create an export under Accounting:

What is the difference in exports?

In the statistics export you will find all your orders sorted by booking date. This also means that orders with the payment methods PayPal and payment on site are also listed. This export serves to give you an overview of all your orders.
In the accounting export you will find the payments that have been received on your escrow account. This means that payments via PayPal and on-site payments are not listed there (PayPal payments go directly to your PayPal account - learn how to export this data in our guideline).
 Another reason for differences are the payment methods payment on invoice and direct debit, because with these payment methods the payments are made later than the booking date.
 Also, refunds are listed in the escrow account and not in the order export, because the refunds either go out of the escrow/PayPal account.
 If you have any questions about this or other issues, please email us at service@bookingkit.de 

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