This section serves as an overview and summarizes the most important information for you in a clear and concise manner. In addition to the latest inquiries and orders, you will also see upcoming events, as well as interesting news from us, your bookingkit team.


Get an overview of all appointments in a weekly or list view. Open specific dates and skim through event participants on those days, reschedule or delete appointments or send an email to all guests.


Here you can confirm or turn down appointment requests, create vouchers or special offers and above all: manage, edit or cancel your bookings.


Create new experiences here or modify existing events by adding details such as description, highlights, price, appointment definition or meeting point and location.


In this section you define additional mandatory and optional check-out fields, create email campaigns and generate the code for integration of bookingkit system into you website.


Invite resellers such as hotels, tourist information centers or agencies as your partners to bookingkit. Activate marketing platforms such as GetYourGuide, TripAdvisor or Expedia or advertise your offers with other bookingkit providers in your area.


Numbers, data and facts about your generated total turnover with bookingkit - including an export environment for easy export.


Here you get an overview of all transactions on your MangoPay escrow account, view and download your monthly statement and individual statements.


Under customization you can configure your invoice and choose the design for your vouchers.


Here you can activate important modules such as email configuration and advanced user management. You can also manage various payment methods in this section, such as on-site or PayPal.


Here you can find a selection of applications that can be used to extend the functionality of your bookingkit account.


Enter your business account details here, complete verification with our online payment provider MangoPay and switch to the tarif of your choice at any time with just one click.

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