First, activate the module "Extended Availability Management" under Settings -> Modules.

Changing the quota at the level of experiences

You can flexibly decide how big the quota for each of your marketing partners shall be for different experiences. Simply log in to your bookingkit account, go to Experiences tab and click Edit for a specific experience. You can set or change quotas for the marketing platforms under Marketing Platforms Quotas. Please note that your decision will then apply overall to all existing appointments of the experience.

Changing the quota at the date level

Would you like your quotas to be contingent on the date due to poor/good performance on some dates? It is a piece of cake with bookingkit: open the specific day in your calendar. Select the experience you would like to change the quota for on this day, scroll down and change the availability for the platform in question and save the changes. You are all set and ready to go!

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