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How do I create appointments that exceed 24 hours?
How do I create appointments that exceed 24 hours?

Seminars taking place over the course of a few days, sport activities or festivals: all this possible with bookingkit!

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Do you offer activities spanning over a few days? Then bookingkit is exactly the right software for you. We can set up long events like that really easily! Learn how to do it here:

Tip: Did you know that you can also set up Early-Bird Tickets with bookingkit?

1. Enter the duration of the event

Create a new experience or edit an existing one, and enter the desired duration of the event. You can choose, for instance, whether the duration is to be shown in hours or days:

2. Through the eyes of the customer

The duration will be displayed directly in the frontend accoding to the details you have specified in your bookingkit account. The “Select Date” button will be substituted by the “Select a Starting Date” button. If you want to rename it, you can do so easily via Customise CSS.

3. Calendar view in bookingkit

The starting date as well as the following days that the event is taking place on are displayed directly in your bookingkit Calendar.

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