MangoPay is a payment service provider that manages your escrow account, i.e. your virtual wallet. First things first, you should make sure that your MangoPay account has been verified successfully.

Under Accouting > Dashboard you will find all incoming and outgoing payments that go through the escrow account (all online payment methods except PayPal and payment on account). You can also filter by time frames. The amount is made up of all deposits and withdrawals. You can download the individual components here, open them in an Excel file and have the sums generated automatically.

Total amout in the wallet is made up of

= Total of all MangoPay orders

- Payouts

Find more information here.

What was my account balance at a certain point in time?

If you want to find out how high your account balance was at a certain point in time, you can export all deposits / withdrawals from the day you registered with MangoPay (if you don't know anymore, please contact our service team). Then you sum up all the transaction prior to a certain date and get the balance at the time. Easy.

Which payment method is credited and offset when?

Please note that revenue from some online payment options are not directly credited to your escrow account. Payments for orders with payment methods direct debit or against invoice may take a few days before they reach your wallet. This is why the associated participant and transaction fees are not deducted directly, but are billed as part of the monthly invoice.

Security deposit

The security deposit is made up of 5% of the MangoPay online sales for the last 180 days. The security deposit is there to ensure that there are some funds available in case of payment disputes on the part of your end customers. Learn more about it here.

Payout and deposit

You can make a payout to your business account from your MangoPay escrow account at any time. Learn more about this here. After you have initiated the payment, you can also download an associated receipt as a PDF. Keep in mind that you have to be successfully verified to receive a payout.

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