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General Details

The integration with Papershift allows the orders from bookingkit to be pushed to Papershift enabling the suggestion of suitable employees for the booked events based on qualifications, the number of participants and who is available for the event.

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Costs of Integration

  • By bookingkit: Free

    • bookingkit will not charge any extra fee for activating and running the Papershift app. This only refers to the fees charged by bookingkit to use this app.

  • By Papershift: Charged (consult Papershift team)

    • Papershift charges a fee for the activation of the API connection. Please note that there is a special discounted fee for bookingkit clients. You should contact your Papershift account manager for more details.

Data Synced After App Activation

  • From bookingkit to Papershift

    • Orders

      • When a new order is created

      • When an existing order is cancelled

      • When an order is converted from reservation to accepted order

      • When a new participant is added/removed from an existing order

  • From Papershift to bookingkit

    • (no data)

Important Notes Before Activation

1. You'll need your Papershift API key to activate the integration with bookingkit. You can retrieve it from your Papershift account from the menu Settings > API.


To be able to activate the integration between Papershift and bookingkit you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be signed up to the Businesskit or Prokit in bookingkit. Check you current plan and/or upgrade it here.

2. Have an active account with Papershift.

3. Be subscribed for the use of the Papershift API add-on. This can be done on your Papershift account from the menu Subscriptions > Add-ons. Please note that there is a special discounted fee for bookingkit clients. You should contact your Papershift account manager for more details.

Activation Process

1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on the App Marketplace icon to view the list of Apps available.

2. Look for the Papershift App and click on the "Learn More" button.

3. Read the details on the Papershift page and click on the "Activate" button. You must also click on the "Activate" button in the popup that appears to confirm the activation.

4. As soon as the Papershift App is activated, a new item called Papershift opens in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on it to continue to the next step.

5. Read the details and enter your Papershift API Key into the field. After entering your details click on the "Save" button to continue.

Important: The Papershift API Key can be found in your Papershift account under the menu Settings > API.

6. Under the "New Connection" step, you should complete the information in the 4 fields displayed.

a/ Select the your bookingkit experience you wish to connect from the "Event/Experience" field.

b/ Select one of the existing "Workspaces" from your Papershift account. If you have multiple Locations in your Papershift account all of the Workspaces within each Location will appear in the dropdown.

c/ Define the number of employees you need per booking or per participants. This information will be added to the work shift in Papershift as well.

Important: This feature connects a bookingkit event with a Papershift Workspace. Once a booking is created for an experience in bookingkit, it will add a work shift in the defined Workspace in Papershift.

7. Once you are done click on the "Save" button.

8. Repeat the process to keep adding new connections for additional experiences.

9. The activation is completed!

Additional Information

1. In case you want to stop using the extension, you can easily deactivate it. That will delete all the mappings. Shifts will remain intact though. So if you want to delete the shifts as well, you might want to manually delete the mappings. After re-activation orders are synced according to the newly set start syncing date. Shift duplicates are possible if previously created shifts are not removed.

2. bookingkit is always the source of truth for the shifts. So that the shifts should never be removed manually on Papershift backend. In case a shift is deleted, it will be created again on the next sync. A proper way to delete shifts is to delete a corresponding mapping.


For support and more information about this activation process please contact our team using the chat icon below or contact the Papershift support team at

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