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Papershift Updates (v3.0)
Papershift Updates (v3.0)
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The new version of the Papershift app includes various improvements to make it easier for you to sync data from bookingkit to Papershift.

Important: These updates are only available for users of the new version of Papershift (v3.0). If you are using the older version, please contact bookingkit to assist you with the migration.

1. More flexibility to assign employees to shifts

Users have more flexibility and can create one or multiple shifts to one of multiple bookings, participants or orders. This allows more complex setups of shifts in Papershift. Assigning multiple employees is available per appointment and booking, and it is also possible to assign X employees per Y participants.

2. Initial sync of historical data at app activation

At the time of app activation users can decide to sync orders from bookingkit to Papershift up to a certain date in the past (based on service date), ensuring that all appointments with at least 1 participant in bookingkit are synced to Papershift. This allows syncing of any valid orders that are taking place from the date selected.

3. Sync of order details into ‘Note’ field

The details of the order and participants included in each shift can be pushed to Papershift into the ‘Note’ field.

The data from bookingkit includes: experience name, number of participants, list of orders included in the shift, participant code, participant name, price category, participant language, products, comments and checkout questions/answers.

Please note that this is an optional setting that must be activated for each experience mapped with Papershift. If you use the ‘Note’ field to manually write anything, the data will be overwritten automatically when a shift is updated by bookingkit with the order details.

4. Prevent ‘Note’ and 'Tag' overwrite when updating shifts

When a shift has any custom data entered into the ‘Note’ field or has a 'Tag' set in Papershift and the shift is updated by bookingkit, a bug was fixed to prevent the notes content and tags from being deleted.

For the 'Note' field, this fix is only valid in case you are using the ‘Note’ field to manually write custom notes (and not using the new functionality mentioned in point 3 above).

5. Mapping of 'Request' Experiences

Experiences which are set in your account as 'Request for appt.' are now available to be mapped with Papershift. When a request is created in bookingkit for this type of experience it doesn’t create a shift in Papershift right away, but once the request is confirmed as a booking it creates a shift in Papershift.

6. Improved syncing of shifts when orders are update

When an order is updated in bookingkit the shifts are now synced accurately in Papershift.

7. Multilingual support

Users can now configure the settings of Papershift in German, English, Italian, French and all other languages supported by bookingkit.

8. Refresh working areas

Aa part of the mapping process, after a new working area is added to Papershift users can refresh the list of working areas visible in bookingkit with ease, instead of having to refresh the whole page.

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